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IoT for Urbana

It was 1999 when the entrepreneur Kevin Ashton coined the term while working at Auto-ID labs referring to a global network of connected objects. The basic idea is the pervasive presence around us of a variety of things or objects able to interact with each other and cooperate with their neighbors to reach common goals.

Many challenges occour when addressing such a disruptive level of innovation where a lot of different competences are mixed together.

Urbana IoT platform has been conceived to reduce the gap between the technical world of engineering and the typical world of needs.


Custom devices based on open hardware and software technologies to be sure you do not pay for something you do not need.

We design, prototype and produce embedded boards tailored to the specific project.


Urbana platform is based on LoRa® physical layer, the leading network technology for IoT. Plug-and-play and self-configurable devices are ready to be connected to Urbana Smart Platform.


Users access Urbana IoT Platform from a friendly and customized web application.

Urbana servers guarantee online availability from anywhere in the world. You can address each single object in your Urbana service whenever you want and wherever you are.

Use dashboard analytic tools to get useful insights from your system.

Urbana is the answer for anyone who wants to virtualize real world.

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