Urbana Smart Solution integrates several services into the same context. It gives smartness to each object with low deployment costs.

Urbana Smart Solution adapts its shape to every different need in order to provide quick, reliable and professional smart solutions.


Urbana framework puts everything on the cloud and makes everythng smart.

Every object that needs to be controlled and monitored can be easily integrated within Urbana Smart Platform.


Using the ready-to-use software and hardware platform, Urbana creates a cost effective efficient solution for monitoring and controlling any real world object.

In addition, Urbana allows to derive predictive models for system evolution.


The entire Urbana system has been thought for being scalable in the measure you need. Is that a small privet system or a city-wide infrastructure, Urbana can provide the desired IoT solution.


Urbana is a service-oriented platform, it will not give you a useless cluster of connected objects, Urbana will focus on the need you want to satisfy.

Device type: air quality sensor

Status: Active

Temperature: 25°C

Battery: 74% 

Humidity: 65% HR

Pressure: 35 kPa

Carbon monoxide: 0 ppm

Carbon dioxide: 100 ppm

Molecular oxigen: 15%

Ozone: 2.52 ppm

Alarm program: carbon monoxide > 100 ppm

Network ID: 0x15

Connectivity: LoRa

General status: Ok

Device type: water level sensor

Status: Active

Water level: 30 cm

Battery: 74% 

Operating temperature: 40 °C 

Alarm program: level > 100 cm

Network ID: 0x15

Connectivity: LoRa

General status: Ok

We can make any object a smart object

Smart Home and Building

Energy and water usage
Remote control
Heat meters
Security systems

Smart Metering

Smart grid
Tank level
Water flow
Pipeline monitoring

Smart Environment

Air pollution
Geo monitoring
Volcano monitoring
Fire detection

Smart Industrial

Explosive gases
Indoor air quality
Ozone presence
Radiation level


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