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Ai Camera


 AI is a camera device with onboard computer vision engine for real time video analysis which runs smart algorithms for event detection and image processing

Digital data

Security purposes: access control, facial recognition, off-limit regions control

Object detection and classification

People tracking/counting

Queue detection, line flows

Traffic/entrance and areas monitoring

Objects, vehicles tracking/counting

Video analysis: collected data can be used to make Statistical analysis like mean permanence time, higher Presence areas region occupancy rate

Parking Sensor

is a smart parking tool which adopts magnetoresistive sensor as detection unit. Using reliable machine learning algorithms, it can monitor the variation of magnetic field on the parking lot showing its status (occupied or free) with high precision and communicate with Urbana IoT Platform wireless network

Digital data

Parking lot status: 



Time of arrival/departure

Light Control Device

URBANA RFTZ MODULE is a control device for smart lighting applications able to track power parameters and set operating values. The device is a plug-and-play solution for integrating any luminaire into Urbana IoT Platform.

Digital data


Power consumption

Active power

Reactive power

Driver status

Dimming Geolocation (GPS version)

Driver current

Operating hours

Environmental temperature

Environmental light level


Specially developed for industrial usage, URBANA RADAR is a robust device that provides a wide range of applications like traffic monitoring, parking occupancy, people counting, motion sensing all in just one device. Discover, moreover,  high  accuracy range, angle and velocity. Built to withstand harsh and demanding environmental conditions, it is a plug-and-play solution for integrating any meter into Urbana IoT Platform.

Digital data

Objects/people detection and tracking ( position, speed, acceleration)

Smart Metering

Specially developed for industrial usage, URBANA METERING DIN Rail is a robust modem that provides simple and seamless integration of telemetry and data control. Urbana Metering Modem DIN Rail features a compact form factor and is also available in different interfaces to allow the flexible and easy integration into existing application infrastructures. Built to withstand harsh and demanding environmental conditions and extended temperatures.

Digital data

Energy parameters (coupled with a Modbus energy meter)

Water usage

Gas usage

Smart Waste Bin

Sensor Based Waste Collection Bins allows to identify status of waste bins and detect if they are empty or filled so as to customize the waste collection schedule accordingly and also save the cost. 

Digital data

Status of the bin (% emptiness)

Other Urbana devices:


T & H sensor

Pollution Sensor

Water Level

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