Sylvania Connected Solutions (SCS) and Urbana Smart Solutions announce partnership

23 January 2019

Sustainable ideas and innovative solutions are at the core of the partnership between Sylvania Connected Solutions (SCS) and Urbana Smart Solutions (Urbana), lighting the way for a bright future for their clients and the cities they serve. SCS aims to improve outcomes across city operations and enhance the services local governments and councils offer their residents. They are able to connect all of the applications and solutions into one large smart network by engaging in a rich global partner ecosystem.

New partner Urbana is an agile international IoT provider based on the LoRaWAN platform. The highly-skilled research and development team spans across Europe, and Asia Pacific region.

Urbana’s IoT platform has been created to bridge the gap between the technical world of network engineering and the demands of the physical world. SCS selected Urbana due to the value they offer for their clients. “We chose to partner with Urbana Smart Solutions because of their brilliance in the space. They’re agile, innovative and flexible with a unique set of talents that are rare to find within the industry. They design,

prototype and produce embedded sensors and devices tailored to the specific project,” says George Verghese, Business Manager at SCS. Urbana as a young innovative Network technology and manufacturing company is committed to strong working relationships with clients, which pairs with SCS’s ethos –helping clients to evolve through a strong foundation of understanding their needs.

“They are as invested in our clients’ needs as we are,” continues Mr Verghese. “They understand what our customers in Australia and New Zealand require and use cutting-edge technology they have access to within their factories in Europe and the Asia Pacific to bring the latest innovations to market fast,”

This partnership allows SCS limitless potential to develop and deliver smart solutions utilising Urbana’s large suite of IoT solutions ranging from Smart Parking solutions to air quality sensors. There are also water sensors, which detect water levels if they rise above a determined point, sending information via the LoRaWAN system to the server and notifying clients of potential flooding.

Urbana also offers smart lighting, integrating indoor and outdoor lighting using an open hardware and software system that brings together the efficiency of LED technology with an IoT control system. Resulting in the entire lighting system being controlled and managed in a flexible and efficient way through the Urbana Smart platform.

As SCS’s client’s needs are unique to each council and their demographic, their partners must be flexible and agile. Urbana produce and adapt devices to ensure these clients are getting exactly what they need. For example, air quality sensors are customisable for councils working to monitor and reduce co 2 emissions in communities surrounding industrial areas.

SCS believes this partnership with Urbana will unlock unlimited potential in the smart city space and foresee the virtualisation of everything they bring to the table. The two companies are working together through pilots and trials to develop ideas such as wireless laser heavy vehicle weighing stations, smart cameras for use in high-density public spaces such as airports and stadiums, and smart parking with remote payment.

Communities will have access to a brand new parking experience utilising Urbana IoT platform to connect GPS with parking sensors, payment systems, and a smart camera that allows real-time checking of vehicle status. This smart streamlined technology simplifies the payment process, reduces wasted time and consequently leads to decreased emissions.

“Smart cities and urban spaces are essential for future economic growth, environmental sustainability and quality of life. This partnership with Urbana Smart Solutions means we are able to confidently and quickly provide cutting-edge technology to our clients and the communities they serve,” concludes Mr Verghese.

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