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March 2019

Urbana was invited to take part to the Moscow Investment Market Conference last 13th March in Cannes

Urbana Smart Solutions was invited to take part to the Moscow Investment Market Conference last 13th March in Cannes. Our president, Ivan Ostan, was one of the speaker involved in the Round Table of the main event in Europe that brings together leading figures from all over the world (stakeholders, political leaders, architects etc.) to discuss the future of cities.

The event was organized at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès by the department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow in association with the RBK media group.

January 2019

Sylvania Connected Solutions (SCS) and Urbana Smart Solutions announce partnership

28 January 2019

Sustainable ideas and innovative solutions are at the core of the partnership between Sylvania Connected Solutions (SCS) and Urbana Smart Solutions (Urbana), lighting the way for a bright future for their clients and the cities they serve. SCS aims to improve outcomes across city operations and enhance the services local governments and councils offer their residents. They are able to connect all of the applications and solutions into one large smart network by engaging in a rich global partner ecosystem.

New partner Urbana is an agile international IoT provider based on the LoRaWAN platform. The highly-skilled research and development team spans across Europe, and Asia Pacific region.

May 2018

Urbana launches QIX, the new open, multi-branded currency blockchain platform that will revolutionize the IoT world

21 May 2018

Urbana Smart Solutions, the global IoT solutions company in Singapore, announced today the launch of QIX – an open, multi-branded (loyalty) currency blockchain platform to develop the world's leading social currency, connected to IoT solutions for smart cities. 
Urbana's core focus is to support and partner with leading infrastructure companies, municipalities and loyalty program operators to create a global movement whereby citizens are in control of their own data, share in the value creation of such data and connect to innovative IoT solutions to improve the quality of their daily lives. Urbana already supports more than 25 Smart city projects around the world, with the focus on Smart lighting, Smart parking, Smart energy and Smart security.    


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