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Welcome to Urbana Dashboard

Urbana is making communication with sensors simpler, while allowing you to focus on data analytics and boost your business growth.

Take full advantage of your IoT devices

Connect, visualize and analyze sensors data easier than ever with Urbana IoT Platform

User friendly & Easy-to-use platform

Internet of Things is increasing in importance and really making a step-change improvement in the way we interact with real life.

We built Urbana, an IoT platform designed to be the easiest application on the market. You can connect your sensors easily, manage connected devices in real time and analyze the acquired data over the cloud.

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

Cloud Platform: 3 in 1

You can access to where you are and from

any device: desktop, laptop, mobile.

Security first

The data received from your IoT devices is yours. You can delete or export it anytime.

Configurable & Customizable setting 

Real time shared data

Set time parameters

and keep accurate tracks

of data for every device

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Get notified by email if sensors data exceeds a threshold you set.

Alerts are generated when the platfom detects anomalies.

Users and platform administrators are informed immediately about unusual behavior.