Urbana launches QIX, the new open, multi-branded currency blockchain platform that will revolutionize the IoT world

21 May 2018

Urbana Smart Solutions, the global IoT solutions company in Singapore, announced today the launch of QIX – an open, multi-branded (loyalty) currency blockchain platform to develop the world's leading social currency, connected to IoT solutions for smart cities. 
Urbana's core focus is to support and partner with leading infrastructure companies, municipalities and loyalty program operators to create a global movement whereby citizens are in control of their own data, share in the value creation of such data and connect to innovative IoT solutions to improve the quality of their daily lives. Urbana already supports more than 25 Smart city projects around the world, with the focus on Smart lighting, Smart parking, Smart energy and Smart security.                                                                             
To reach mass adoption by citizens and tourists, Urbana Smart Solutions has created QIX. This cross-border digital currency will run on Urbana's proprietary blockchain, which is developed as part of the Hyperledger project. The platform has the ability to create many branded currencies on the QIX blockchain, thereby allowing full flexibility and frictionless interchangeability on global level.      
In a single app QIX users will be able to monitor their home utilities consumption, reserve and pay for car parking, get rewarded via gamification for many daily activities including using the public transport, shopping at participating (SMB) retailers or reducing their water, gas or electricity consumption. One of the key features is the currency exchange option which will allow QIX users to exchange QIX to many other loyalty currencies and crypto currencies, right in the app. Thanks to the latest blockchain technology, QIX ensures the exchange process to be easy and fast.   
With well-connected technology - sensors and devices – a local and global network of Partners including many Municipalities and an intuitive and engaging mobile app, QIX aims to improve the way people live, shop, pay and commute and to make it smart, exciting and rewarding.   
Urbana has attracted global leading loyalty industry experts to help reach its ambition for QIX to become the world’s preferred social currency and appointed Mr. Gabi Kool, former CEO of PINS, the leading loyalty program in Northern Europe and winner of many global loyalty awards, as CEO of QIX and Member of the Executive Board of Urbana Smart Solutions. Mr. Ivan Ostan, President of Urbana Smart Solutions: “Together with the world class in-house development team based in our R&D center in the Venice area, the company has now brought all components under one roof to provide full end-to-end solutions including our own digital currency QIX to create mass adoption of innovative IoT solutions for Smart Cities globally.” 
The QIX Mobile application and currency is scheduled to be rolled out later this year with the first launches in Western Europe, followed by Northern Europe, Australia and Singapore.   


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