Urbana was invited to take part to the Moscow Investment Market Conference last March 13th in Cannes 

13 March 2019

Urbana Smart Solutions was invited to take part to the Moscow Investment Market Conference last 13th March in Cannes. Our president, Ivan Ostan, was one of the speaker involved in the Round Table of the main event in Europe that brings together leading figures from all over the world (stakeholders, political leaders, architects etc.) to discuss the future of cities.

The event was organized at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès by the department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow in association with the RBK media group.

The talk started with the welcome speech by the moderator Ignat Bushukhin, who introduced the speakers involved in the talk. Among others, prominent figures like Sergey Cheremin, Minister of the Government of Moscow,  Mars Gazizullin, CEO of Mosinzhproekt, Alan Baloev, Partner, head of Department Capital Markets, Cushman & Wakefield, Vladimir Semenikhin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Stroyteks Group of Companies and President of the Ekaterina Foundation.

The focus was on Moscow and New York as two exemplary cities which have been able to integrate technology in their existing urban ecosystem. The questions addressed to the interlocutors dealt with present and future of smart cities: How are smart technologies being integrated in existing urban ecosystems? how does digital transformation help global cities integrate into international markets? What are the main social trends will boost the city’s economic appeal in the next decade?

Urbana made its contribution sharing its ten-year experience in the digital world and presenting two case studies as concrete examples of how digital transformation brings modern metropolis to a new stage of development: Brisbane (Australia) and Padua (Italy). Although they embody two different urban-models in many respects, they share the same goal: to tailor the smart city ecosystem framework to their realities, integrating this new model into the development of their city vision, strategy and execution plans. Urbana is helping the two cities in their efforts offering them its large suite of Iot Smart Solutions, enabling seamless and customized management of networked devices in a flexible and efficient way through the Urbana Smart platform. The range of devices includes smart Parking solutions, air quality sensors, smart lightening devices and smart cameras. This integrated technology eases the city managment in every aspects:  it helps reduce wasted time, improve efficency, security, traffic, water supply networks and waste management.

The session was arranged by video conference with RTVI studio in new York, where other leading stakeholders spoke their minds: Eric Adams, President of Brooklyn, Mikhail Krymov, Co-founder of Arch group architecture company and sleepbox, Helen Gotman, Principal at LG Advisors Inc., head of US office for international Real Estate Investment Film, gregory Okshteyn, Founder of Studios GO, architect.

Since smart and sustainable city urban planning affects everyone, it's crucial to identify the most effective technologies involved in building smart cities and how they can help achieve the ultimate goal of urban transformation into the truly smart cities of the future. 


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